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100% Vegetable-based Glycerin Soap
Bath and Shower Gelee -- Custom Scented
Bath Island 100% Glycerin Soap Gift Set
Bath Island Gift Sets
Body and Massage
Bubble Bath Concentrate -- Custom Scented
Bubble Bath Concentrate -- Unscented
China Rain Bath and Shower Gelee
China Rain Bubble Bath
China Rain Lotion
Custom Scented Products
Essential and Special Care Oils
Essential Perfume Oils
Exfoliating Body Wash -- Custom Scented
Exfoliating Body Wash -- Unscented
Foaming Liquid Hand Soap with Shea Butter -- Custom Scented
Foaming Liquid Hand Soap with Shea Butter -- Unscented
For The Bath
For the Hair
Massage Lotion -- Custom Scented
Massage Lotion -- Custom Scented
Massage Lotion -- Unscented
Massage Lotion -- Unscented
Mineral Spa Bath Crystals -- Custom Scented
Mineral Spa Bath Crystals -- Unscented
Natural Bath and Body Oil -- Custom Scented
Natural Body and Bath Oil -- Unscented
Polishing Shampoo -- Custom Scented
Polishing Shampoo -- Unscented
Pure Sweet Almond Oil -- Custom Scented
Pure Sweet Almond Oil -- Unscented
Refresher -- Custom Scented
Refresher -- Custom Scented
Refresher -- Unscented
Refresher -- Unscented
Shaving Gel with Aloe -- Custom Scented
Shaving Gel with Aloe -- Unscented
Shaving Products
Shea Butter Revitalizing Lotion -- Custom Scented
Shea Butter Revitalizing Lotion -- Unscented
Special Care Oil -- Chamomile*
Special Care Oil -- Eucalyptus Oil*
Special Care Oil -- Jojoba Oil*
Special Care Oil -- Peppermint*
Special Care Oil -- Ravensara*
Special Care Oil -- Revitalizing Formula*
Special Care Oil -- Rosemary*
Special Care Oil -- Sensual*
Special Care Oil -- Stress Formula*
Special Care Oil -- Tea Tree Oil*
Special Care Oil -- Vitamin E Oil*
Sun Care
Tropical Sunscreen Lotion
Vitamin A, D & E Moisturizer -- Custom Scented
Vitamin A, D & E Moisturizer -- Unscented
Vitamin E Aftershave Lotion -- Custom Scented
Vitamin E Aftershave Lotion -- Unscented
Volume & Shine Conditioner -- Custom Scented
Volume & Shine Conditioner -- Unscented
White Tea and Shea Ultimate Moisture Shower Cream -- Custom Scented
White Tea and Shea Ultimate Moisture Shower Cream -- Unscented